Diversity Commission

Regular Meetings
  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Kennewick City Hall
    210 W 6th Avenue
    Council Chambers
  • Kennewick, WA 99336
The next meeting is Wednesday, October 18th.

Current Agenda

Cultural Behaviors

Vision Statement

Mission Statement


  • James Hempstead, Facilitator
  • Nichole Banegas
  • Uby Creek
  • Ed Frost
  • Clarence Hill III
  • Zelma Jackson-Maine
  • Brenda Still


On April 12th, 2016, the Mayor provided a recommendation to the City Council that the city establish a Mayor’s Commission on Diversity to provide input from our diverse community on how the City will grow in the next 20 years as well as establish cultural behaviors that our community will embrace. This commission is an opportunity to seek input from the diverse culture in our community, encourage citizen involvement and embrace our core values of inclusiveness as we continue to move the community forward.


The primary goals of the commission are outlined in a resolution (PDF) and a few of those goals are:
  • Identify the cultural behaviors that will be embraced in our community
  • Engage with residents and businesses at the neighborhood level
  • Identify where there are gaps in services based on the identified cultural behaviors and provide possible solutions
  • Determine ways to encourage more citizens to be involved in the community
  • Identify ways that the City can be more inclusive in engagement to better promote the identified cultural behaviors


The commission will consist of seven members and will meet for one year and then present a recommendation to the Mayor and to the City Council on how to best engage so that there is adequate input regarding policy matters involving diversity and cultural behaviors.