Temporary Restaurant/Retail Outdoor Expansion

To assist businesses and facilitate the safe restart of our local economy, City Council unanimously passed  on July 7th, an ordinance temporarily waiving minimum off-street parking requirements for restaurant and retail uses in commercial zones. This provides restaurant and retail businesses an opportunity to temporarily utilize up to 50% of their required, existing outdoor off-street parking spaces to increase their occupancy during the phased reopening as outlined in the Governors “Safe Start” plan. Additionally, restaurant and retail businesses may temporarily utilize 100% of their existing off-street parking that is in excess of the minimum required off-street parking spaces as determined by the City of Kennewick. 

Businesses who wish to pursue this new opportunity can submit an on-line application.

There is no fee for this application. Businesses who serve alcoholic beverages need approval from the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board and all businesses must submit a business pledge that they will follow all COVID-19 guidelines and complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan.

COVID-19 Safety Plans must be submitted to the county in which the business is licensed in:

  • Benton County – please email to covidplan@co.benton.wa.us or drop in large yellow postal box in the drive lane at the side of Benton-Franklin Health District.
  • Franklin County – will use Franklin County Treasurer drop box located in courthouse parking lot next to security building labeled COVID 19 business plans. Or email to covid-19businesssafetyplans@co.franklin.wa.us

As required for temporary moratoriums, the City will schedule a public hearing on September 1, 2020 for anyone to provide comments and testimony on the moratorium and interim controls. The initial period for the moratorium is 180 days, unless repealed, extended or modified by the City Council after the public hearing.

outdoor dining with masks
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